How to Boost Your Ad Spend with Out of Home Ads

October 18, 2021

An intelligent marketing campaign encompasses a variety of spaces and techniques, spanning both digital and traditional worlds. Mobile marketing and a perfectly placed billboard work together in an often complex but coordinated way. 

But, how do you know if you are wasting any of your advertising budget when you're pursuing such a complicated strategy? You need a data-driven approach — which means a programmatic one.

This single technique will amplify all your other channels, making each and every advertising dollar count.

OOH and DOOH Trends in 2021

The average American consumer spends a whopping 13 hours and 35 minutes every single day with media (online and off). Consumers are inundated, so how do you stand out?

Using an omnichannel approach to advertising helps to paint a clear picture of your brand’s values and message. Hitting several channels at once, like billboards, bus shelters, digital screens, and direct-mobile marketing, illuminates your brand and reminds consumers they need what you are selling.

According to Insider Intelligence, out of home (OOH) advertising in 2020 was $8.25 billion, with digital out of home (DOOH) accounting for $2.72 billion of that. But COVID-19 has shifted the way we live, travel, and work. Yes, we are all spending far more time in front of our devices, but people are trying to get outside more, too. 

A recent Out Of Home Advertising Association of America survey discovered that 68 percent of consumers feel they spend too much time in front of screens. Sixty-nine percent appreciate the outdoors more. And 45 percent report noticing OOH media more than they did before COVID-19.

Shifts are happening in how consumers absorb media and marketing. It's difficult to assess how well your ad campaign is going in this turbulent time, especially without data. What's wasted? What’s converting?

While Google Ads has made everyone's life easier when it comes time to calculate return on ad spend (ROAS), figuring out the actual returns from a billboard is much more difficult. Now more than ever, it's critical to boost your OOH and DOOH with a complimentary approach that makes it easy to measure ROAS.

Amplify Through Mobile Programmatic

Pairing OOH marketing with a mobile programmatic strategy is a match made in heaven. This single technique can boost your returns several times over.

Programmatic advertising is the automation of digital ad buying through a database. This facilitates the efficient application of big ad budgets while leveraging AI for better targeting and measuring across DOOH.

By intelligently coordinating your ad spend on billboards, bus stops, and DOOH locations through a programmatic campaign, you can accurately measure each impression and lift the campaign's effectiveness. 

Why? Because your single static advertisement is amplified through location-based technology, which allows you to retarget the same consumer several times, thereby increasing your impact. 

At Amplify, we've custom-built a $4 million proprietary programmatic technology that incorporates demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioural data to take this technique one step further.

We can convert IP addresses and mobile IDs to drive traffic to your website. But we don't just drive any traffic — we combine this location-based information with our intelligent consumer database to tell our clients the specifics of who is actually visiting. 

Our database gives us unprecedented information, allowing us to accurately target the right consumers while marketing delivers priceless information on demographics.

Study After Study Supports Ad Lift Through Programmatic

According to our own case study from a campaign launched with a national beverage brand, we measured more than a 17 percent increase in foot traffic into local grocery stores thanks to this combined approach. 

With 2,849,484 impressions served and 17,800 engaged clicks, the newly launched beverage was 100 percent sold out in all targeted stores.

But don't just take our word for it. Let's look at other reports on the power of programmatic amplification.

A study published in QSR Magazine revealed that data-driven OOH advertising increased the number of visits and the frequency of visits to several quick-service restaurants. 

In their analysis, "By sending mobile ads to consumers who passed the OOH campaign, they achieved a lift that was 365 percent higher versus the unexposed group." In a hyper-targeted group through mobile, "the lift was an impressive 729 percent, illustrating the power of OOH-plus Mobile working together."

Research performed by Campaign measured a 15 percent increase in mobile click-through rates when paired with OOH ads. Another case study on a major fitness brand measured a 260 percent lift in visits through a combination of OOH, proximity targeting, and a mobile campaign. 

Increasingly, advertisers are using this technique to improve the ROAS. More studies than ever are proving a data-driven omnichannel approach works. 

Why not leverage the power of programmatic to make smart decisions and pivot if needed? No more wasted ad dollars and boosted impact for your DOOH — all founded on market intelligence.

Interested in Learning More?

Amplify believes in a more human approach to advertising. Let us demonstrate how you can reduce wasted ad spend and time to conversion by implementing an omnichannel strategy that amplifies your SEO, paid search, content, and programmatic strategies. 

If you would like to learn more about shifting your marketing strategies to grow your market share and bottom line, let's have a conversation.  


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