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Born with a passion for tech, our roots go back to building multi-million dollar tech for the Fortune 500. Wanting to do more, we pivoted to help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. And for a lucky few, we made their dreams a reality.

Amplify was built on the belief that harnessing the power of one's brand has never been more important than today.  It's no longer about differentiation in a world of abundance.  It's about being relevant and connecting to people.   Amplify is a new kind of marketing agency.  We're great at simplifying the complicated.  We're thinkers, dreamers and rule benders, who believe in helping the little guy.  Let us make your dreams a reality.

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Brand Strategy
Trying to build trust without a brand is like trying to make friends without a personality.  Let us dial-in your brand's message in order to make more friends.
SEO is the convergence of science, human behavior and emotion. Let us humanize your content, make your brand stand out in order to drive results.
Ad tech is complicated. We spent $4 million building ours.  We think that says everything. We are driven by data and a passion for success. Let us grow your business.
Your customers have arrived.  Our tech is integrated with the top solutions providing you unparalleled insight to your customer's buyer's journey.
Paid Search
There is a reason why Google is the #1 advertising platform.  It's where people go to research to buy stuff. Let us show you how pay-per-click advertising amplifies your ROI.
Content Creation
In a world full of white noise, your message needs to rise above in order to be heard. Let us create content that wows people, stops them in their tracks and engages.

We Believe

Enough about us...
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