Why is Creating Content So Challenging? It's Time to Out Source

June 1, 2022

You are not alone in your struggle with content production. We run into this all the time as we work with our clients on their content creation and management strategy. 

Of course, everyone starts off with high hopes of writing a few blogs a month. Then, with dozens of other high-priority tasks on their plate, even the best laid content plans tend to take a backseat.

Creating and managing content may seem simple in concept, but, in reality, it requires a surprising investment in time, strategy, and expertise. 

Just like you outsource your accounting, website management, and media production, it's time to hire the pros for content marketing.

Content Marketing Is Your Most Valuable Asset, Don't Neglect it

There is a reason why 82 percent of marketers have incorporated a content component into their marketing strategy. Time and time again, it is proven to work for all sectors and across all audiences. 

Even with the constantly churning whims of the online consumer, content still creates a significant return on investment. According to Demand Metric, you can achieve three times as many incoming leads with content as with outbound content, plus it's 62 percent less expensive. 

And yes, there is a lot of content out there these days. But even though a third of people report feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of consumable content available online, a full 44 percent still engage with up to five pieces in their research before they purchase.

Content marketing, in whatever form it takes, has six benefits:

  • Increases conversions and boosts lead generations
  • Improves SERP rankings
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Builds authority
  • Improves consumer loyalty
  • Engages and retains audiences

If you don't have time for developing and adhering to a content marketing strategy, your company is missing out on a massive opportunity.

Don't Underestimate the Investment Required for Consistent, Quality Content

You'll be forgiven if you assume it will be simple to piece together a few blogs or articles a month, and get them published and promoted. But, most of these people quickly find themselves months down the road without a single published post.

So, what goes wrong?

An effective content marketing strategy encompasses more than just the writing itself. You'll need to have:

  • A detailed editorial calendar
  • A multi-step editing and review process
  • A consistent publishing frequency 
  • An SEO-informed plan (keywords, publishing, strategy)
  • Dedicated promotion, whether through paid ads or social media
  • Key performance indicators
  • Coordination with multiple departments (ex: email marketing, event planning, brand launches, social media, etc.)

This is why content production is the most outsourced marketing activity across all sectors, both B2C and B2B. In short, it is a lot harder and much more comprehensive than it looks.

We often hear from owners, CEOs, and higher-ups that they planned to write the content themselves because they understand their company’s business goals and marketing strategy. 

But, content production often takes a back seat to more pressing business concerns. And it should. Writing a blog post shouldn't take precedence over staffing issues, supply chain shortages, or financial reporting. 

Business owners and managers shouldn't spend their valuable time writing content (in most circumstances). Instead, we need them to drive the mission, craft an overarching marketing strategy, and measure outcomes. All of which will then feed into which content marketing approach.

So, it's finally time to admit the obvious: You cannot do all this alone. It's time to outsource to the content marketing experts.

Outsourcing Content: It Works

At Amplify, we are in the business of content creation and management because most companies don't have the internal resources to produce content at the pace, frequency, and quality that the current online space demands.

Our approach always starts with the foundations: an SEO audit and an all-hands-on-deck kickoff call. The SEO audit explores what's working on your website and what's not. It includes an analysis of your rankings, which then informs our content strategy.

The kickoff call (among other essentials), nails down your goals, brand voice, and style. Once we have the fundamentals down, our content team collaborates with our Google engineers and SEO experts to create an editorial calendar and write briefs. 

We manage the entire production process, from writing to editing to publishing. You maintain ultimate control over the final product, but we ensure your content marketing goals are achieved. That means consistent, frequent, and high-quality content produced under your name.

Trust us when we say that you aren't alone as you face a backlog of content ideas and missed deadlines. We are here to make your content creation seamless, streamlined, and delivered on time to get that promised return on your investment. 

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