Covid's Impact On Digital Marketing

June 16, 2021

COVID-19’s Impact On Digital Marketing

“Our traffic has surged since the Coronavirus pandemic began interrupting businesses in early March. This is not the time to pause your campaigns. This is a time to potentially adjust your messaging.”  — Group Publisher

Marketers, brands and small business owners are more than ready to put Q1 and Q2 behind them thanks to the negative economic impact caused by COVID-19 and devastating shelter-in-place laws.

According to a recent study released by IAB entitled, “Coronavirus Ad Revenue Impact,” included a couple noteworthy observations among those agencies, media buyers and direct-to-consumer brands surveyed, 70% of estimated that they would be adjusting their spend due to the impact of COVID-19 by the following marketing channels:

  • -39% Print
  • -28% Linear TV (Broadcast & Cable)
  • -35% Digital Audio
  • -34% Digital Display
  • -32% Digital Video
  • -28% Social Media
  • -25% Paid Search

Not surprisingly, the IAB also found that the businesses hardest hit from March to December 2020:

  • Travel & Tourism: 68.8%
  • Retail (Brick & Mortar): 56.1%
  • Restaurants: 49.3%
  • Automotive & Related: 48.8%
  • Apparel/Fashion: 26.3%

Conversely the IAB found lightest expected impacted businesses were:

  • CPG (Cosmetics, Household Products & Toiletries) 4.9%
  • Retail (Online) 4.9%
  • Healthcare (RX & OTC) 3.9%
  • Politics 3.9%
  • Beer, Liquor, and Wine 2.0%
  • Gaming 2.0%
  • Telecommunications 2.0%
  • Baby, Child or Parenthood 1.5%
  • Pets / Pet Supply 1.5%

Surprisingly marketers and direct-to-consumer brands are optimistic the second half of 2020 with Q4 improving greatly. The truth is, there is some firm reasoning behind such optimism, first, many advertisers have pushed their ad campaigns to later dates.

Secondly, a large share of businesses on the buy-side are developing anti-crisis strategies in case a second pandemic wave hits harder than expected. In other words, digital advertising budgets will be most certainly put into action closer to Q4 2020, one way or another.

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